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Piteå City hotel is the natural meeting place! Here you will find everything from premium tastings to magnificent Sunday brunch.

Gather your friends, surprise Mom & Dad or stop by with your darling. We have something for everyone!

Chosen events

Dec 04

Dec 09

The famous Christmas lunch

The famous Christmas lunch

Enjoy pickled herring, pickled salmon, Jansson, ribs, ham, meatballs, yummy desserts and a lots of other things related to Christmas.

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Jan 29

Champagne tasting

Champagne tasting

We offer you the opportunity to learn more about this drink and understand color, bubbles and flavor.

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Feb 27

Whisky or whiskey, light och dark brew – What is your favourite?

Beer and Whiskey fair

Taste, smell and enjoy! Together with munskänkarna we are arranging the longed fored and tasty Berr & Whiskey fair. Everything for your inspiration and the opirtunity for you to mingle among enjoyable crowds and tastings to find your favourite.

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