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Business lunch

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Certain moments only the best is good enough. To enjoy a served business lunch at Piteå Stadshotell is an excellent way to nurtur your relationship with your clients.


  • Creamy mushroom soup with Madeira served with butterfried parsleytoast and cured ptarmigan 110 SEK
  • Statt´s charcuterie platter with delicacies from Norrland served with lingonberry- and orangechutney, pickled garlic, sauerkraut, seed crispbread and Dahlberg’s flatbread from Piteå  110 SEK

Main Course:

  • Grilled Black Angus prime rib burger with pepper jack cheese, cheddar cheese, pickle, pickled red onion, lollo rosso, chipotle mayonnaise and mango-jalapeño salsa served with French fries and mango crème fraiche 185 SEK
  • Grilled butchers cut steak (180 g) with chorron sauce, baked tomato, red wine sauce, mushrooms and French Fries with parmesan 259 SEK
  • Char sautéed in butter with sea buckthorn beurre blanc, parsnip purée and red beets topped with whitefish roe 249 SEK


  • Liquorice variation - brûlée, fudge, sweet biscuits and lingonberry sorbet 89 SEK
  • Chocolate fondant with blueberry-thyme ice cream 85 SEK

Welcome to book your business lunch at Piteå Stadshotell, Monday to Friday



  • Weekdays 11 AM - 2 PM
  • Not during summer 19/6 - 16/8

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