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Beer & destillate 2020

Taste, smell and enjoy!

Once again we're offering you the chance to delve deeper into the world of beer and whisky as the well-liked fair returns to Piteå Stadshotell. 

There will be beer and whisky from small-scale manufacturers and distillers, alongside some rather unique whisky bottlings, an Eldorado for those curious about beer and whisky.

How does it work?
As a visitor, you purchase a booklet with 15 coupons. You take a walk around the exhibitors and pick what you would like to taste and depending on what you pick, it will cost a varied amount of coupons. You may only pay with the coupons and in the price 15 coupons are included as well as a wardrobe fee so you can leave your jacket securely.

Booklet 15 coupons - pre-purchase 350 SEK
Booklet 15 coupons - at venue 400 SEK

Whisky exhibitors will serve you 2 cl for tasting per coupon.
Öl exhibitors will serve you 6-7 cl for tasting per coupon.


Craft Beer Tasting.  Price: 325 SEK
Whisky Tasting. Price: 395 SEK

Please book in advance to secure a seat at